The Band

Tony Price – Vocals


It’s not easy being the front man, but Tony has taken to it like a duck to water. Even though this is his first serious band, he has thrown himself in the deep end, immersed himself in the music and come out smelling of Whiskey and Gumbo!

Starting as the first full time singer in Bourbon Shot, Tony probably knows as much about the Genre as anyone else in the band, added to that his growing prowess as a front man and his evermore bulging wardrobe of stage outfits, he is a force to be reckoned with. Taking to the stage with confidence he unleashes his pipes on this challenging material and nails it!

Tony Says: “I love a good tune in all types of music and enjoy meeting new people and having a good old Laugh.”

“Firstly I sing for my own enjoyment, southern rock really enables me to give it my all as the music’s from the soul maaaaaann!  I’m lucky enough to have some lovely band members who advise me and help me reach my potential so I can get up on stage with them rock the show and get you lovely people jumping.”






Chris Youngs – Guitar / Slide Guitar / Backup Vocals

Joined Bourbon Shot after 3 years as Lead Guitarist for fellow Southern Rockers Lucky 7 on the Essex live scene.

A long time Southern Rock fan influenced by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers Band, Blackfoot, Black Crowes, ZZ Top, Eagles and of course Blackberry Smoke and the brilliant Charlie Starr. Warren Haynes is the man! I get out to see live bands as often as I can. 

Playing Fender, Gibson and Tokai guitars and Marshall amps.

Russ Butt – Keyboards

The newest member of the band, Russ has had extensive experience playing in all areas of Rock music and has risen to the challenge of expanding his musical experience to play Southern Rock with the boys.

With the addition of the electronic piano and organ sounds, the band has taken on a rich new sound which allows them to tackle a wider range of songs which will added to the set list over the coming months.

Russ’s debut was with the bands second day appearance at Uncle Sam’s BBQ festival this summer.


Dave De La Haye – Bass Guitar


Dave is the only surviving founder member of the band, and a self confessed newbie to Southern Rock, Dave is no stranger to performing music live, having played in a number of Rock Covers bands and performing a 5 year stint with original heavy metal band Snake Eyes. Dave has had some experience playing some big shows both in the UK and Europe, but relished the chance to try something different.

Dave had the following to say: ” Being a self taught bass player, I have found playing this material quite a challenge. It has helped push me out of my comfort zone and develop as a player. There is nothing better than hearing the songs come together so well with the band and watching the excitement on the face of the fans when we play them live”.

Dave plays ESP Ltd Basses with Line 6 Amplification for smaller gigs or Line 6 effects and a much larger Marshall rig when he needs to stun small animals and scare children.


Adam Newlyn – Drums


He just plays the drums……