Bourbon Shot regroup After Short Hiatus

Bourbon Shot auditions after losing both our guitarists!


Sadly we had to say goodbye you our brother in rock Stephen Sparshot, who had planned for years to move to Scotland. The time came and he and his lovely lady Katherine ‘upped sticks’ and emigrated to Lamlash on the Isle of Arran.

We wish them all the best and already we are planning our visits to this lovely part of the world. Steve leaves some big shoes to fill. As our musical director, he created all the arrangements of the songs. Music played in other bands using up to three or more guitars and a keyboard player is arranged to be played by just two guitars in Bourbon Shot. As anyone came to see us will attest, this is a remarkable feat! Any guitarist coming into replace him will certainly have to have some serious game.

We are not sure who he is going to play with in Lamlash, but rumours have it that he is learning the bagpipes! We have also recently seen some pictures of him dressed as a viking, so God only knows what he is getting up to now!

Almost as soon as Stevie went, Keith King, who had also had some challenging family issues to overcome, got a new job. This meant he spent a lot of time commuting to Europe. Sadly he came to the conclusion that he could not spare the time, so with a heavy heart we said out farewells. We are still in contact, and if he ever wanted to share the stage with us again, he is always welcome to join the Bourbon Shot family. We will miss his cheeky grin, his musical prowess and his all around being a thoroughly nice chap. 


The hunt was afoot for not one, but two guitarists. Finding one would be tough, but two?

I can reveal that we spent a good few months auditioning and trying out guitarists. We have finally selected two guys to fill the most demanding spots on the covers circuit! We are now booked into rehearsal studios and getting the newbies up to speed on the set list. When the new recruits are settled in and happy the plan is to then make the official announcement and reveal who they are! We are hoping to be up and running ready to gig in a few months, so keep watching this space for more updates.